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1. Purpose and Overview

The current Legal Notice regulates the access and use of the webpage (from now on, “the Web”), which APC EUROPE, S.A.U. offers its users (from now on the “User(s)”), as the owner and manager of the latter. The data of APC EUROPE, S.A.U. are the following:

  • Name: APC EUROPE, S.A.U.
  • Tax Identification Number: A61332318.
  • Registered Office: Polígono Industrial Congost, Avenida San Julián, nº 246-258,Cp 08403, Granollers (Spain).
  • Registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, in the Volume 30.994, Folio 197, Sheet B, Number 82447, Entry 63.

This Legal Notice rules the access and use of the Web. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the use of spaces or services contained in the Web can be subject to other use conditions. In this case, these conditions will have to be fulfilled in any case which match, which will be informed dully.

APC EUROPE, S.A.U. reserves its right to complete, modify or replace the present Legal Notice at any time, together with any other general or individual conditions, understanding that the mere publication of such changes in the website will have a notifications effect. For that reason, we plead the User to read them carefully every time he enters the Portal, refraining from the Web if he does not agree with the established conditions.

2. Rights and obligations of the User

Access to the website is an exclusive responsibility of the Users, and implies their acceptance and knowledge of the legal notices, conditions and terms of use which are valid in each moment, so they have to read carefully the current Legal Notice before they access the Web. The use of any of the offered services assigns, from the start, the condition of User and will be considered express consent, voluntary and unreserved of this Legal Notice.

To Access the Web services, in everything which does not have free character or imposes a series of obligations, the User has to be over 18 and behold the legal capacity and necessary representation to hire.

The use of the services offered by the Website implies that the user has accepted the compliance of the requirements of such services and the Legal Notice of the Website.

The User that accesses the Web must commit to comply with this Legal Notice and the special instructions which will be shown in each moment. Also, he commits to act according to the Law, to morality and good faith, acting with due diligence to the nature of the service. Therefore, the User cannot modify or alter any of the contents of the Web, except for the data which the User has introduced, or damage in any way its integrity or functioning.

APC EUROPE, S.A.U. will have the faculty to delete or suspend the Access to the Website to the User that has not complied with any of the obligations will be liable for all the damages which, as a consequence of such, he causes APC EUROPE, S.A.U.

3. Register

  1. Object: in case the user registers himself, he will have access to the private area of the web environment of APC EUROPE, S.A.U., in which he will be able to, amongst others, access the specific information reserved for registered users.
  2. Formalization of the register: the procedure for the formalization of his register is the following: (i) To complete the register procedure he will have to fill in the compulsory register fields; (ii) Once completed, and having accepted the Legal Disclaimer an e-mail will be sent to the facilitated account, which will have to be accepted and the register process will be complete.

    The duly completed register implies the non-exclusive access to the private area of the website of APC EUROPE, S.A.U., for an indefinite period. Its rescission, for any motive, will require a notification of non-continuation of reception, or in its case being beneficiary of the services consisting in the access and use of the private area of the website of APC EUROPE, S.A.U.
  3. Password: To complete the register process the introduction of a password is necessary. A password is a code that only you will know and which allow you, once you also introduce your username that you can start your session in the private area of the APC EUROPE, S.A.U. website. The login password is personal and non transferable. APC EUROPE, S.A.U., is not responsible for the damages caused by the improper use of its web environment. The user commits himself to inform immediately APC EUROPE, S.A.U., of any password loss, subtraction, copy or similar which can endanger the confidentiality of his password.
  4. Drop out: The User can drop out any moment sending an e-mail to indicating: Resignation. Because it is a free service, you accept that APC EUROPE, S.A.U., reserves itself the faculty of cancelling at any moment and with no previous notice your access and/or the service of the website and/or the private area of APC EUROPE, S.A.U., website, committing yourself to not claiming any compensation or similar and resigns to exercise any legal action.

4. Responsibility exclusion

APC EUROPE, S.A.U., reserves the right to interrupt the access to the Web, as well as providing any or all the services which are provided through such Web at any moment and with no previous notice, due to technical reasons, security, control, maintenance, supply electrical failures or any other.

APC EUROPE, S.A.U., is not responsible for the decisions taken from the information provided in the page or of the damages produces in the User derived from such information.

APC EUROPE, S.A.U., is not responsible for the damages of any sort produced to the User derived from failures in the connection to the telecommunications network which produce the cessation, cancellation or interruption of the Web Service or for causes of Force Majeure.

5. Industrial and Intellectual Property. Hyperlinks

All the contents, brands, designs, logos, icons, software, commercial names, domain names and any other signs or elements which are subject to protection by intellectual or industrial property rights which are part of the Web belong to APC EUROPE, S.A.U. or to public domain or third parties which have authorized correctly their inclusion in the latter and which figure as authors or owners of the rights.

In no case a license will be understood to be granted or a right to be relinquished, transmitted, given totally or partially, or such right to be acquired, and specially, those concerning exploitation, reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication about such content without previous written and express authorization of APC EUROPE, S.A.U. or correspondent third parties. Violation of any of the abovementioned intellectual or industrial property rights will be pursued with both the criminal and civil actions contemplated in the current legislation.

The Users and, in general, anyone who proposed to establish a hyperlink between his own webpage and the Web and/or the Application (from now on “Hyperlink”) must have the express authorization of APC EUROPE, S.A.U. and comply with the following conditions:

  • The Hyperlink only enables the access to the homepage or starting page of the Web, or to the specific point that APC EUROPE, S.A.U. authorizes;
  • A frame of the webpages of the Web will not be created;
  • False, inexact or incorrect expressions over APC EUROPE, S.A.U., its directors, people and its products will not be made;
  • The authorization of the Hyperlink or the supervision or assumption of the offered services made available on the webpage where the Hyperlink is established by APC EUROPE, S.A.U. will not be declared or taken for granted;
  • With the exception of those belonging to the same Hyperlink, the webpage where the Hyperlink is established will not contain brands, commercial names, establishment signs, namings, logos, slogans or other distinctive signs belonging to APC EUROPE, S.A.U.
  • The webpage where the Hyperlink is established will not hold illicit content or information, contrary to morality and generally accepted good habits and public order, as well as content which is contrary to any third party rights.

The establishment of the Hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relationships between APC EUROPE, S.A.U. and the owner of the webpage in which it is established, or the acceptance and approval on behalf of the Association of its contents or services.

6. Data Protection

Introduction: With the following information we provide, APC EUROPE, S.A.U., wants you to know which is their privacy policy regarding your personal data.

Fulfillment of the data protection rules: APC EUROPE, S.A.U., fulfils all the requirements established by the current data protection laws, and all data under our responsibility, are treated according to the legal requirements.

Security Measures: regarding the data you provide, all possible technical and organizational security measures will be taken to guarantee its confidentiality.

Purposes: the purposes for which the data you provide will be used are the following:

  1. We inform you that the personal data you provide, will be added to a file or files, which are responsibility of APC EUROPE, S.A.U., and will be dedicated mainly to purposes related to general administration management, maintenance, fulfillment, development, control and management of our venture, commercialization and information of the products and or services that we offer throughout any means including email or similar tools.
  2. We also want to inform you that your personal data will not be segmented or used for other commercial aims different from those of informing of the services and or products offered by APC EUROPE, S.A.U. while and after your venture with us, which we also hope will be useful. If you want to receive information about our products and/or services tick the box of acceptation of information reception from us.
  3. Contact: the form of the "Contact us" section will be used for management of your contact with us, through an inquiry or for any other reason.
  4. Registration: managing your registration, access and use of the private part of the webpage.
  5. If you have given us personal data which belongs to a third party, you will have previously informed such third party of the exposed requirements beforehand, which he will have to consent in.
  6. Also, your data can be communicated to comply with the existing legal obligations.

Cookies: Hyperlinks which communicate your data with other webpages or invisible personal data treatment do not exist in our webpage.

Rights of data subjects: in case of need, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and objection, writing together with a copy of an official document which identifies you, to APC EUROPE, S.A.U., to the following address: Polígono Industrial Congost, Avenida San Julián, nº 246-258, Cp 08403, Granollers (Spain) or sending an e-mail to, indicating in the envelope or in the subject of the message: APC EUROPE, S.A.U. Privacy Policy.

Due to the above described, we understand that in the event of supplying your personal data, you expressly authorize us to treat them according to what has been detailed above.

7. Applicable Law

The present Legal Notice rules itself by the Spanish Law. For those cases where the law enables the parties to commit themselves to their chosen jurisdiction, both parties, giving up on any other which could be appropriate, commit themselves to the Courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain).

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